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Top 6 Startup Consultancies and Publications in India 

top 6 consultancies & publications

1. The Startup Lab

Founded by Shruti Aggarwal, The StartupLab is a renowned name in the startup consultancy space that has served 1000+ startups in the last 3 years. It is a one-stop platform for everything a startup needs to go from 0-100, like company registration services, compliance assistance, virtual CFO, business development, financial modelling, funding assistance, and more. 

Holding a strong position in their space, The StartupLab now looks to get around 25+ startups funded by 2024. If you are new to the startup ecosystem and require handholding to grow your startup, you should visit The StartupLab. With a comprehensive range of services, backed by a seasoned team of legal professionals, The StartupLab can assist you at every phase of your entrepreneurial journey.

Some of the prominent clients that The StartupLab has served include SahiCoin,, Galaxy Card, Entitled, Fabrik, Growfitter, Rare Planet, Eunimart, Heliware, Edgistify, Vidyakul, Zenpay, Hoppup, Hopscotch, etc.

Founded on: 2018

Location: Gurgaon, Haryana

2.Hyderabad Angels

Established in 2012, Hyderabad Angels (HA) is a prominent platform in India that bridges seasoned angel investors with innovative entrepreneurs. HA has invested in over 37 startups worldwide, boasting an average return of 3X. The network consists of accomplished entrepreneurs committed to early-stage investments, offering mentorship and an extensive network of resources to their portfolio companies. By partnering with other angel networks and support organizations, HA expands access to vital resources for their startups. If you’re a startup founder seeking capital, mentorship, and connections, Hyderabad Angels is a valuable resource. 

Their current portfolio companies include Betaout, Dialogue in the dark, Epaathsala, Evibe, Explara, GIBSS , Healers At Home, Health Sutra, Identis, Indian Money, Innovapptive, Nowfloats, Online Prasad, Realox, Spareshub, Synersoft, Thrillophilia, Twigly, ZineOne.

Founded in: 2012 

Location: Hyderabad, Telangana

3. The Startup Urban 

Startup Urban is a tech media platform founded by Puneet Kumar, renowned for its comprehensive coverage of startups, entrepreneurship, and innovation, making it an indispensable resource for emerging businesses and visionary entrepreneurs. This platform offers a wealth of information, resources, and a supportive community for those seeking to navigate the intricate world of startups.

They share valuable startup advice through articles and blog posts on diverse subjects like funding strategies, marketing techniques, sales approaches, and product development insights. For those in search of practical support, Startup Urban compiles a list of valuable resources, such as incubators, accelerators, and investors.

Founded in: 2017

Location: Delhi, Delhi

4. Startups is a robust platform created to support and publish the growth of the startup ecosystem in India. Startup India acts as a networking platform for startups to connect, share ideas, and disseminates valuable information through articles and blog posts covering various startup topics, including funding, marketing, sales, and product development. Overall, serves as a highly valuable resource for startups in India, offering them a platform to share their startup story with the world.

Founded in: 2020

Location: Hyderabad, Telangana

5. Know is a platform for Indian startups and entrepreneurs. This platform encompasses a variety of features, including startup insights, where articles and blog posts covering topics like funding, marketing, sales, and product development are published.

 For startups and small businesses, Know Startup proves invaluable, providing access to information, resources, and a supportive entrepreneurial community. Utilizing Know Startup offers several advantages, such as expanding your business’s exposure, discovering qualified service providers, staying updated on the latest startup news and trends, and forging connections with like-minded entrepreneurs.

6. Indian Angel Network

India’s Single Largest Horizontal Platform for Early Stage Investing enabling entrepreneurs to raise from Rs. 25 lakhs to Rs. 50 crores. Some of its marquee investee companies include Druva, Spinny, Box8, Uniphore, WOW Momos, Consure, Fareye, NOCCARC, Propelld, amongst many others.

Indian Angel Network is the first Angel Investor Network in India founded in the year 2006 and led successful entrepreneurs and investors. Their network includes exclusive successful entrepreneurs, industry leaders and thought leaders, with experience in creating valuable companies and industries. 

Founded in: 2006

Location: Delhi, Delhi


All-in-all, the startup ecosystem in Indian is an ever-growing one and there are multiple consultancies and platforms out there to help these startups with the resources and recognition they need to thrive. So, make the most out of them by reaching out to the above-mentioned list of startup consultancies and publications in India!