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How to audit your business Instagram page

Audit Instagram Page

uditing an Instagram page is not a quick or simple process but it is a must because you cannot fix a problem if you don’t know the problem.

So let’s go through each section of an Instagram page.


User Name

Try to keep it simple and searchable. Use your business name and the industry, if required. We also get the option of selecting the industry in a business account that is displayed below the page’s name. These are minor things but very impactful.

Having a creative name might sound good but it might not be searchable which will result in loss of followers and potential business as well.


Profile Picture

The profile picture should be of good quality, it should fit in the circle perfectly without losing the edges of the logo. The standard size is 110 x 110 pixels for the profile picture.



Bio is a real game-changer, it has 150 character limit and one has to convey why should a visitor become your follower. Using relevant hashtags will up your search game.

Instagram gives a very limited space to put up the link and one of the most important ones is in the bio. Using a link aggregator is advisable. It helps you place all your links in one place and a central link is created to put up in the bio. There are multiple of them available, to name a few there are Campsite, Linktree, Kijo, etc. some of them are free and others are paid.

Then comes the contact option. You can be contacted through mobile number and email address and physical address. Depending on your business make sure to use it wisely.

Old ways won’t open new doors


Instagram story highlights have gained great deal of attention right from the initial release till date.

Highlights are a way to keep your story permanently on your profile. Now the tricky part is to decide the category.

Popular options are:

  • Behind-the-scenes
  • Meet the team
  • Reviews
  • Blog
  • Products/Services
  • Events

Let’s move on to the Highlights cover. It gives uniformity to the overall page. Creating a highlight cover is very easy and it hardly takes any time. There are zillions of tools to help create the highlights.



When it comes to Instagram, visuals are everything. Make smart use of colors and filters so your images not only look great but also give a consistent look and feel to your entire Instagram page. Ideally, you should stick to color combinations and visual styles that fit your brand persona.

If you find it tedious or too time-consuming. We at Senate Marketing not only audit Instagram but the entire digital presence of your business and then provide you with the required bespoke solutions. Feel free to contact us.