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Cart Abandonment Strategy

The average cart abandonment rate across all industries is a whopping 69.57% resulting in a loss of $18 Billion each year in sales revenue. Our data-driven strategies are built based on the reasons behind abandoned carts by analysing customer journey patterns, whether they are due to lengthy checkout processes or unnecessary distractions. 

Our cart abandonment strategy includes behavioural analysis and tracking, email retargeting campaigns, optimized checkout process, exit-intent pop-ups or notifications, retargeting ad campaigns, personalization strategies, A/B testing and optimization, reporting and analysis and customer support integration. 

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Abondoned cart emails
Abandoned Cart Emails
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Offer Incentives
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Frequently Asked Questions

Cart abandonment occurs when online shoppers add items to their shopping cart but leave the website without completing the purchase. This can happen for various reasons, such as unexpected costs, complicated checkout processes, or distractions. Understanding why customers abandon carts is crucial for developing effective strategies to minimize it. 

To reduce cart abandonment, businesses can simplify the checkout process, clearly communicate shipping costs upfront, offer discounts or incentives, and implement remarketing strategies like abandoned cart emails. By addressing common pain points and making the buying process smoother, businesses can encourage customers to complete their purchases. 

Follow-up emails are a key component of cart abandonment strategies. Businesses can send automated emails to customers who have abandoned their carts, reminding them of the items left behind and possibly offering discounts or incentives to complete the purchase. These emails aim to re-engage customers and encourage them to finalize their transactions. 

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Our industry experts create strategies to reduce cart abandonment and take the users right till the checkout stage. With targeted and personalized strategies, we optimize your entire e-commerce strategy reducing the cart abandonment rate in long term.

Cart Abandonment Strategy