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A leading manufacturer of ultra-luxury cars, renowned for its meticulous craftsmanship and dedication to delivering an unparalleled driving experience. They sought our expertise in crafting a high-performance marketing campaign.

  • Cost Per Lead – ₹1,503
  • Booking – 9
  • Ad Position – 85.30%
  • Test Drive to Booking – 41%
  • ROAS – 75:1


Campaign Objectives:

  • Generate Qualified Leads: Secure a substantial pool of potential customers with a genuine interest in exploring the brand’s luxurious vehicles.
  • Drive Sales Conversions: Convert test drives into confirmed bookings.
  • Elevate Brand Presence: Strengthen the brand’s position within the competitive high-end automotive market, fostering greater visibility and recognition.


Strategy and Execution:

  • Data-Driven Targeting: We leveraged in-depth market research and audience segmentation to identify individuals with a passion for luxury cars. Psychographic and demographic data were analyzed to create detailed buyer personas, ensuring our message resonated deeply with the most receptive audience segment.
  • Seamless Customer Journey: Strategic ad placements ensured high visibility, while personalized communication guided customers smoothly through the entire process. From initial brand awareness to booking a test drive, every touchpoint provided a positive brand experience.



  • Cost-Effective Lead Generation: We were able to capture the interest of potential customers at a cost-effective rate of ₹1,503 per lead.
  • Exceptional Return on Investment: The campaign achieved a phenomenal ROAS of 75:1, maximizing the client’s investment and ensuring every rupee spent delivered exceptional value.
  • High Conversion Rates: A remarkable 41% of individuals who took a test drive ultimately converted into confirmed bookings, showcasing the effectiveness of the campaign in driving sales.
  • Prominent Brand Visibility: The campaign secured an impressive average ad position of 85.30%, significantly boosting brand visibility within the target audience.
  • Sales Acceleration: The campaign successfully secured 9 confirmed bookings, demonstrating its ability to translate brand awareness into tangible sales results.