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Opalina Jewellery

Performance Marketing and Social Media Management

Our client, a brand known for its exquisite pieces inspired by global cultures and traditions, sought to elevate its social media presence and to implement a data-centric performance marketing initiative to optimize ROI.

  • Lead to enquiry ratio – 52%
  • Initiated cart transactions – 262 users
  • Spike in profile visits – 228.9%
  • Growth in new followers – 157%


Campaign Objectives:

  • Amplify Brand Awareness: Elevate the brand’s online visibility and establish it as a leader in the luxury fashion jewellery market.
  • Lead Generation: Cultivate a strong base of potential customers interested in exploring Opalina’s unique pieces.
  • Drive Sales: Convert website traffic into paying customers eager to own a piece of Opalina’s artistry.



Strategy and Execution:

  • Performance Marketing: We implemented targeted online advertising campaigns to reach individuals with an affinity for luxury fashion jewellery. This ensured our efforts resonated with the most receptive audience.
  • Social Media Management: Instagram, a crucial platform for the industry, became a focal point. We curated visually stunning content showcasing Opalina’s jewellery in captivating settings. Compelling captions further enhanced brand storytelling and product messaging.



  • Lead Generation: A commendable 52% of website visitors expressed interest, initiating inquiries about Opalina’s jewellery. This highlights the success of the campaign in attracting potential customers.
  • Increased Purchase Intent: A significant 262 users added Opalina’s jewellery to their online shopping carts, demonstrating a strong desire to purchase driven by the campaign’s effectiveness.
  • Social Media Growth: Opalina’s Instagram profile witnessed phenomenal growth, with a staggering 228.9% increase in profile visits and a noteworthy 157% surge in new followers. This solidified Opalina’s brand presence on a crucial platform for the luxury fashion jewellery market.




Opalina Jewellery