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Performance Marketing

Driving success with our strategic performance marketing campaign for BMW.

Our client, a prestigious German luxury car brand dealership, approached us with the aim of generating high-quality leads, and ultimately driving more bookings for their luxurious automotive lineup. They sought a data-driven performance marketing campaign to maximize their return on investment (ROI). 

Cost – 72L   

Leads to Test Drive – 41%   

Test Drive to Booking – 18%   

ROAS – 71:1 


Campaign Objectives: 

  1. Generate qualified leads interested in test-driving BMW models.
  2. Optimize the conversion funnel to improve the percentage of test drives resulting in actual bookings.
  3. Achieve an impressive Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) to maximize the effectiveness of the campaign.


Strategy and Execution: 

    1. Precise Targeting: Through thorough market research and audience segmentation, we identified the most relevant and affluent segments of the population interested in luxury cars. This allowed us to focus our efforts on reaching potential buyers who were most likely to engage with the brand.
    2. Compelling Ad Creatives: Our team of creative experts designed visually stunning and emotionally engaging ad creatives to evoke the essence of luxury, performance, and innovation. These captivating visuals were combined with persuasive ad copy that highlighted the unique features and benefits of the brand’s vehicles.
    3. Optimized Landing Pages: To improve the lead-to-test drive conversion rate, we developed tailored landing pages that seamlessly guided visitors through the test drive booking process. These pages were designed with a user-friendly interface, clear calls-to-action, and persuasive messaging.
    4. Data-Driven Bidding: We employed advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms to optimize bidding strategies across various advertising platforms. This data-driven approach enabled us to allocate the budget effectively and prioritize high-performing campaigns to achieve a strong ROAS.


  1. Cost Efficiency: The campaign’s impressive ROAS of 71:1 demonstrated the effectiveness of our data-driven strategies, ensuring every rupee spent delivered exceptional value. 
  1. Lead Generation: The performance marketing campaign succeeded in generating a significant number of leads. 41% of the leads expressed a keen interest in experiencing the cars firsthand through a test drive. 
  1. Conversion Rate Optimization: Of the potential customers who took the test drive, an outstanding 18% converted into confirmed bookings. This exemplifies the efficiency of our optimized conversion funnel and the genuine appeal of the brand’s luxury cars. 
  1. Enhanced Brand Visibility: The campaign achieved widespread reach and increased brand visibility within the luxury car market, positioning our client as a prominent player in the minds of potential buyers.