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Avas Wellness

Performance Marketing 

Our data-driven marketing strategy in a competitive industry, setting our client, a leading player in the wellness and hospitality industry, on a path of continued success. 

Our client is a prominent player in the competitive wellness and hospitality landscape and endorsed by the renowned cricketer Virat Kohli, recognized the need to amplify its brand presence, drive meaningful customer engagement, and boost revenue. Through strategic planning, precise targeting, compelling content, and an emphasis on ROI, we achieved phenomenal results for them.

Cost – 12.49 Lakhs 

Leads Generated – 776 

Qualified Leads – 25%   

Purchase Conversion Value – 40 Crores 

ROAS – 320:1 

Campaign Objectives: 

  1. Increase Brand Visibility
  2. Lead Generation
  3. Boost Purchase Conversions
  4. Maximize ROI   

Strategy and Execution:

  1. Strategic Targeting: With extensive market research, we identified responsive demographic groups which increased the effectiveness of the campaign. This approach allows us to focus on specific segments of the target audience.
  2. Content Strategy: We created a bank of captivating and engaging content centered around the idea of luxury wellness like never before. This content along with our multi-platform strategy resonated with the target audience.
  3. Ad Campaign Execution: Our strategy combined with advanced analytics and our expertise went into seamlessly executing this campaign. We were able to optimize the budget distribution across various advertising channels to get the most out of our efforts and the client’s ad spend.


  1. ROAS: With our strategy we achieved a remarkable ROAS of 320:1, which is a true testament to our digital experience. 
  2. Qualified Leads: The campaign generated 776 leads out of which 25% of the leads were qualified and genuinely interested potential customers.
  3. Purchase Conversion: With a cost of 12.49 L, the results speak volumes, as we were able to generate a purchase conversion value of 40 Cr.

Awas Wellness